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Wishes DTF Transfer SKU3188

Wishes DTF Transfer SKU3188

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SIZING: Adult transfers are no more than 11.25 wide and no longer than 12 in length; whichever reaches max size first. Koozie is 3in by 3in and offered in a 5 Pack. Pocket Transfers are offered in a 5 Pack and size is 4in by 4in area. Kids Transfers are offered in a 3 Pack and size is 6in by 6in area. Youth Transfers are 9in by 9in area; whichever reaches max size first. XL Adult is 13in by 13in area. We offer customs and you can use our designs to build your custom gang sheet. DTF Transfers can go on any material and any color including canvas, jean jackets. wood, flannels, etc PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS for Cold Peel- Direct Film Prints (DTF); press on heavy pressure at 325 for 20 seconds; you can take a cloth and rub the transfer to cool it down or let cool on its own and peel once it has cooled (cold peel) -then cover with Teflon or Parchment paper and repress for 5 seconds on heavy pressure. These can go on any material and any color shirt! DTF requires a commercial heat press. A HTV Ront is not recommended. A easy press is not recommended.

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